“I would recommend her to any of my friends.”

“I have been working with Rita for over two years. I suffer from PTSD and anxiety since experiencing significant trauma after the kidnapping of my daughter. I have been to many therapists over the years and unfortunately never found a good ‘fit’ for myself until I met Rita. I have been surprised many times by the depth of her intuition and sense of exactly what I needed at the time. Her expertise is honed in many areas of therapy. Rita is professional, gentle and intuitive. One of the many things I respect about her is that she’s never been shy to call me out on issues that I need to clarify. I would recommend her to any of my friends.”

-Lorinda Stewart

“Thank you for helping me see that my emotions are valid and necessary…”

“I love that the concepts and ideas that you share in our sessions stay with me throughout my day-to-day life. I find myself aware of my actions and choices in a way that I haven’t been in a very long time and this is helping me to remain present, really present, in moments that I would usually try to avoid.  I feel like I am coming out of a fog and am starting to see possibilities and opportunities that I would have ignored or written off, or simply not seen before.

“I feel like you speak my language – you’re so relatable and honest and that allows me to be honest and accepting of myself. I love that you can spot my bullshit from a mile away and that you gently point it out so that I feel safe to let my guard down and STOP. I find myself looking forward to our sessions because even though I have no idea what I want to address in the session, you always seem to know exactly what I need to learn. Thank you for helping me see that my emotions are valid and necessary, for helping me find the woman I’ve buried under years of fear, and for showing me that I have so much more to discover and do.”


“…healing from past traumas.”

“I just wanted to touch base briefly with a huge thanks and some positive feedback from my heart.

I really look forward to and enjoy our sessions together, and always feel relieved in some way afterward. You are one of the first people in my life who has opened up the possibility of healing from past traumas feel actually do-able and empowering. I was trying to think of after our session today, how I can learn to better call myself on my own ego weaknesses without feeling offended and I realized that you are the perfect model for this, you have helped gently raise and massage the ego into awareness while showing that it doesn’t need to be offensive or something to be ashamed of. You do this treading lightly and compassionately, putting yourself ‘out there’ everyday, and gently challenging people like me to see past the hurt and pain, and I truly respect and admire this skill.  I genuinely thank you for your honesty, continued patience with me, and genuine compassion, as it helps me to learn and model how to provide this for myself. Light and love today.”


“I was referred to Rita, and now I’m referring others to her.”

“I love my sessions with Rita. Rita’s compassion, presence and sincerity in each of my sessions has been incredible. She has an amazing ability to distill seemingly complex situations into pieces, much easier to understand and integrate. I was referred to Rita, and now I’m referring others to her. Thank you Rita.”

-Josh Methot

“…fulfilling on the deepest levels.”

“Working with Rita Bozi has been an unexpected but welcome surprise. Going into a therapy experience with reservations, reluctance, and scepticism has long effected my potential experience of recovery in other modalities. Entering a therapeutic setting with Rita, she met me EXACTLY where I was, and gently encouraged and nudged me into deeper spaces of my recovery, all while keeping my feeling of comfort and security intact. Rita is kind, giving of herself, and gentle when handling a person’s pain and trauma. It is cliché to say my experience with her work is “life changing”, however there isn’t another way to describe it that does it justice. I view my recovery as ongoing, but just after my first session I found myself unable to stay in bed, to wallow in my pain, and to stop the forward momentum that I had attained. After 10+ years of suffering with PTSD and GAD, I have found a way to live that is both filled with meaning and fulfilling on the deepest levels.”

-Meghan C.

“…massive compassion encompassing the mind, body and spirit.”

Rita Bozi is in authentic service to those who wish not only have a deeper understanding of their drivers, but also to design a new map. My time spent with her has profoundly shifted the way I navigate both my inner and outer world. Rita has an exceptional ability to create and hold a sacred space to explore the most vulnerable aspects of one’s self while fully supporting the discovery, understanding and integration with unwavering presence. Her skillful embodiment of that which she is gently and very intently encouraging you to bring forward has been a key component in my work with her. She immerses herself in your healing journey with massive compassion encompassing the mind, body and spirit all while honouring choice. This woman is a precious gift to the planet, the experiences she facilitates expand far beyond the walls they take place in. If you are being called to explore a new way of being that is more in alignment with your highest good, I encourage you to be held, nurtured and guided by her light. 

-Mel Parsons

“…life altering.”

“As someone who has wrestled with PTSD for years, working with Rita has been life-altering. When I first started seeing Rita in the fall, I’d been stuck for a long time, unable to face the events in my life that were the sum of my diagnosis. When I was not re-living past events at random, I was unknowingly filtering my life through a skewed lens. I perpetually felt on guard, unsafe, fearful and frustrated at my lack of ability to function as I once had. This unprocessed trauma was having a devastating impact on my health, relationships, creativity and overall sense of purpose. My business was falling apart, my life was a mess and I felt like I was being catapulted toward the end of my rope. I have tried traditional therapy, medication and professional counselling for years; all of which have not been very helpful. I’d even go so far as to say that working with various mental health professionals has been counter productive to my progress. I don’t want to discount the work that these people are doing, however in my case, no amount of talking helped me to wrap my head around the imprint that ‘history’ left on my body and mind. Eventually I started to give up, defeated and hopeless, believing that healing and recovery would perhaps remain invariably out of reach. As a last ditch effort for solutions, I began to research alternative therapy options for PTSD, which eventually led me to Rita. I began to have sessions with her on a regular basis in September of 2019.    In just 9 months of working with Rita through somatic processing and eventually some medicine sessions, I can confidently say that I’ve made more therapeutic progress through these methods than in my collective 40ish years on this planet.”


“Working with Rita has been life-changing.”

“Working with Rita has been life-changing. Her skills, compassion, and laser-focused instinct create a space that abounds in revelations and directions I can never seem to predict. She has the ability to immediately get you to a place of self-truth and honesty. The few months I’ve done integration work with her have completely changed my world view and transformed how I feel, think, and live.”


“…a very brave pioneer.”

“I really have a sense that what you are doing is the way of the future and you are a very brave pioneer. Of course I still don’t really understand (how could I?). But I can accept and (more importantly) appreciate how far you are prepared to go to help your clients.”