“…life altering.”

“As someone who has wrestled with PTSD for years, working with Rita has been life-altering. When I first started seeing Rita in the fall, I’d been stuck for a long time, unable to face the events in my life that were the sum of my diagnosis. When I was not re-living past events at random, I was unknowingly filtering my life through a skewed lens. I perpetually felt on guard, unsafe, fearful and frustrated at my lack of ability to function as I once had. This unprocessed trauma was having a devastating impact on my health, relationships, creativity and overall sense of purpose. My business was falling apart, my life was a mess and I felt like I was being catapulted toward the end of my rope. I have tried traditional therapy, medication and professional counselling for years; all of which have not been very helpful. I’d even go so far as to say that working with various mental health professionals has been counter productive to my progress. I don’t want to discount the work that these people are doing, however in my case, no amount of talking helped me to wrap my head around the imprint that ‘history’ left on my body and mind. Eventually I started to give up, defeated and hopeless, believing that healing and recovery would perhaps remain invariably out of reach. As a last ditch effort for solutions, I began to research alternative therapy options for PTSD, which eventually led me to Rita. I began to have sessions with her on a regular basis in September of 2019.    In just 9 months of working with Rita through somatic processing and eventually some medicine sessions, I can confidently say that I’ve made more therapeutic progress through these methods than in my collective 40ish years on this planet.”


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