Therapeutic Sessions +
3 Day Medicine Sessions

(with gentleness, curiosity and compassion)

Build somatic capacity

Defuse stress and self doubt

Regulate your autonomic nervous system

Access your own direct knowledge and wisdom

Discover choice where no choice seems to exist

Create self-authority and experience its inner power

Restore the energy and vitality it takes to create the life you want

Discover the childhood experiences that limit your options as an adult

Bring consciousness and healing to the workings of your body, mind, spirit and soul

Explore, process and transform the roots of trauma and illness patterns that impact your relationships, communication, creativity, work, learning, behaviour and life.


“One can believe or declare oneself to be anguished for one reason and be so for something totally different. One can think that one is suffering at facing the future and instead be suffering because of one’s past; one can think that one is suffering for others, out of pity, out of compassion, and instead be suffering for one’s own reason.”

– Primo Levi

If you identify with any of this, or if something here resonates for you, contact me. We can begin to ask some gentle questions and find out how to tend to what is arising…

What does a session look like?

Prior to your first session, I email you a 4 page Health and Well Being History Form to fill out. I ask that you reflect on your medical history, feelings you may have experienced in the recent past and the issues you would like to work with.

At your first session, we will begin a conversation about how your life could be different. We inquire about what is blocking you or stuck in your development. We learn together and discover what approach allows you to open up to your healing and return for you a sense of Self-energy. This can change from session to session.

In a spirit of welcome and non-judgement we will gain awareness about the stories and beliefs that prevent you from actualizing your purpose, creating the life you want, being your true self and living in a more optimum state of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

In each session you make changes on the brain/cellular level through techniques based on neuroplasticity (brain re-mapping) including, visual, physical, emotional, mental and energetic tools. You will leave a session with small actions to practice and implement in order to ensure the changes continue when you leave. This is how you can integrate the work into your life.

Sessions are experienced in a calm and comfortable environment. You may work seated in a chair, on the floor, or standing or moving around the room, depending on what is needed at the time.

A Circuitous Approach

The approach we take together taps into tissue memory. As a result, the work goes on long after the session is over. Your bodymind is shifting from one equilibrium to another. A non-conscious part of you knows what’s going on with your health at all times. That’s the part of you that we are dialoguing with. This work requires a willingness on the part of the client to, at times, take a circuitous route to their healing.

The origins of a problem may not always be obvious and may go deeper than is perceivable by the conscious mind. For example, a shoulder problem may show up as grief, or anger over various responsibilities. While the shoulder pain appears to be physical in nature, the underlying issues that created the problem in the first place may be of mental or emotional origins. A physical problem in the neck might find a connection to dysfunction in the sacrum, which in turn finds it’s origins in the fear of sexual, financial and job related issues, for example.

While it is understandable that we want quick relief from our physical pain, exploring our issues from deeper levels allows us to be more masterful at understanding how we are involved in the origins of the issue, which in turn puts us in the unique position of being the best person to unravel the issue within ourselves.

When trauma is integrated, you may experience temporary physical or emotional pain which will pass as body and brain tissues resume a more balanced function. It is not uncommon for a client to have an emotional release days after a session. Some may feel happy, sad, confused or even angry. It is also possible for some to experience aches and pains while body tissues and energies are adjusting.

When we are under long-term stress, we may not even notice that we idle at a high level of anxiety. We relax in a ‘tense state’ because we have gotten used to being at that set point.

If we have been running on adrenaline for a long time, then coming off adrenalized behaviour patterns may feel initially like a withdrawal. This is not a bad thing. The body is simply readjusting while our energy returns to a more even state.

After sessions, I encourage clients to call or email with any concerns or questions. Please feel free to express anything that is happening for you.

In this work, we become more friendly with ourselves and the world.

How long is a session?

Sessions vary from 60 -75 minutes long, depending on what is needed on a particular day (the fee does not change accordingly).

How will I feel afterwards?

Clients generally describe feelings of calm, relaxation and lightness after a session. Or perhaps a shift in their state. You may need to do some ‘homeplay,’ increase your water intake or get a bit more sleep in the days following a session.

At times a session can act like an emotional or physical detox. A subtle sense of discombobulation may initially be experienced, followed by a sense of relief. The readjustment period is a result of the brain changing long held neural patterns. The body is also eliminating toxins associated with cellular memory. As you leave a session your body and mind will still be doing its work in beautifully subtle ways and will inspire you to notice things with a different level of awareness.

How often do I need to come?

The majority of clients come monthly, some come bi-monthly, and others prefer to come for a period of time to address specific issues. You may like to come and go, as the need arises. Initially you may require many sessions back to back before you decide to space them out.

You can look at this work as way to address the inevitable stressors and triggers that come with living; to gain deeper awareness of your issues; to integrate unconscious emotional charges; to move from reaction to response; and to find creative options for experiencing your life differently. In the long term, you are giving your body and mind regular tune-ups to keep it functioning and playing in a more fulfilling way.