Sensory Time and Thought Time

I recently had the great fortune of participating in an Authentic Movement workshop with masterful instructor Judith Koltai. In this profound and sensory integrative proprioceptive practice, Judith spoke many gems of information I am still reflecting on. One of those gems was:

“Sensory time is slower than thought time.”

She further spoke of how when we are overwhelmed, the cognitive (or thought time) is disconnected from the sensory (body). Hence taking the time to tune into the sensory (body sensations) allows us to connect to sensory time and slow down long enough to notice where we are in space, what is happening internally and around us; which in turn connects us to a more balanced emotional response. This allows for a more refined  thought. It is in this continuum of sensory –emotional– cognitive, sensory– emotional– cognitive that we create the space for a more connected and responsive self. This is the self that takes the lead vs our reactive, judgemental, interpreting and projecting personality.

Ask me more about this in a session.