The problem for most of us is that we focus our attention almost exclusively on the objective world – on the world of Effects – and forget that our life purpose is to concentrate on the upward spiral of consciousness, which is Cause.  When we enter into periods of seeming inactivity in life, which we may think of as seasons of dryness, and feel that we are accomplishing nothing, let’s remember that the energy spiral is simply lowering its rate vibration in order to move into a new and higher level of activity … any experience of contraction is a gathering of power, power which will flow according to the clearest picture that we hold in mind.

—John Randolph Price
The Angels Within Us


Remember, as long as you believe something, your brain operates on automatic pilot, filtering input from the environment and searching for references to validate your belief regardless of what it is. People with beliefs have such strong levels of certainty they are often closed off to new input.

—Tony Robbins

On Reality

Each of us tends to think we see things as they are, that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world not as it is, but as we are – or, as we are conditioned to see it.

—Stephen R. Covey

Receiving love…

Are you able to receive your parent’s love? Can you say inwardly, ‘I’ll take in your love as you give it—not as I expect it.’ We can’t change the way they show us love. We can, however, change the way we let it in.

—Mark Wolynn

The fundamental thing…

The fundamental thing that happened, and the greatest calamity,  is not that there was no love or support. The greater calamity, which was caused by that first calamity, is that you lost the connection to your essence. That is much more important than whether your mother or father loved you or not.

—A.H. Almaas

The child is very open…

The child is very open, and can feel the pain and suffering going on in its immediate environment. The child is aware of its own body and can also feel the tension, rigidity and pain in the body of the mother or of anyone else he’s with. If the mother is suffering, the baby suffers too. The pain never gets discharged. The organism does not develop the confidence that it can regulate itself, that things will happen the way they should. If the pain and frustration continue, they will have a disintegrating effect on the organism, and the child will begin to experience organismic fear for its very survival.

—A.H. Almaas

Internal stress…

For those habituated to high levels of internal stress since childhood, it is the absence of stress that creates unease, evoking boredom and a sense of meaninglessness. Many people become addicted to their own stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, Hans Selye observed. To such persons, stress feels desirable, while the absence of it is something to be avoided.

—Gabor Maté