Somatic Relational Trauma-informed Practices for Medicine-Assisted Facilitation

“Thank you for your support yesterday (and always). Your genuine, skillful, heart-forward care helped me to discharge and regulate some pretty intense sensations. Thank you also (from the bottom of my lungs) for this training. Learning from you in this way is FUCKING FANTASTIC!! I am honoured and grateful for your wisdom, precision, creativity and “devastatingly vulnerable” embodiment of the theory you teach. This ‘punk therapy’ thing is transformative – and the vitality that radiates from you when you teach is stunning and contagious. Thanks so very much.”

– Nicole Lerner (Participant, 2nd Cohort)

“I just finished a one-year cohort with Rita, and couldn’t be more happy with my decision to do this training. I have been a medicine facilitator for a number of years and have done other training groups. this program really stands out and has added so much depth to my capacity to hold space for others.

“Rita has the ability to meet each participant where they are, regardless of their experience, beautifully. Her range of knowledge and skills is profound. She is an excellent communicator and her deep empathy and integrity shines through all aspect of the course work.”

– H. L. (Participant, 2nd Cohort)

For more information and an interview for the training please book a preliminary 20 minute consult interview via my Calendy

Cohort 6
Interviewing applicants.  If you have already had a preliminary consult you will be invited to book your formal Applicant Interview HERE.

Module I April 1-5, 2024 (5 days)
Module II Sept 9-13, 2024 (5 days)
Module III March 24-29, 2025 (6 days)

“It was such a wonderful experience. There really are no words that can describe it. I’m so grateful. My work with clients also shifted immediately. Every session I’ve had following the training has been so much more than I could have imagined, some really deep connections and opening up with clients. This feels like just a beginning.”

– Phoenix, June 2022

Cohort 5
Enrollment now closed.

Module I Oct 2-6, 2023 (5 days)
Module II March 4-8, 2024 (5 days)
Module III Oct 7-12, 2024 (6 days)

Cohort 4
Enrollment now closed and in session.

Module I May 8-12, 2023 (5 days)
Module II Nov 6-10, 2023 (5 days)
Module III May 6-11, 2024 (6 days)

Cohort 3
Enrollment now closed and in session.

Module I August 8-12, 2022 (5 days)
Module II Feb 20-24, 2023 (5 days)
Module III Aug 7-12, 2023 (6 days)

Cohort 2

Module I August 27-31, 2021
Module II Feb 23-27, 2022
Module III August 26-31