“…healing from past traumas.”

“I just wanted to touch base briefly with a huge thanks and some positive feedback from my heart.

I really look forward to and enjoy our sessions together, and always feel relieved in some way afterward. You are one of the first people in my life who has opened up the possibility of healing from past traumas feel actually do-able and empowering. I was trying to think of after our session today, how I can learn to better call myself on my own ego weaknesses without feeling offended and I realized that you are the perfect model for this, you have helped gently raise and massage the ego into awareness while showing that it doesn’t need to be offensive or something to be ashamed of. You do this treading lightly and compassionately, putting yourself ‘out there’ everyday, and gently challenging people like me to see past the hurt and pain, and I truly respect and admire this skill.  I genuinely thank you for your honesty, continued patience with me, and genuine compassion, as it helps me to learn and model how to provide this for myself. Light and love today.”


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