“…fulfilling on the deepest levels.”

“Working with Rita Bozi has been an unexpected but welcome surprise. Going into a therapy experience with reservations, reluctance, and scepticism has long effected my potential experience of recovery in other modalities. Entering a therapeutic setting with Rita, she met me EXACTLY where I was, and gently encouraged and nudged me into deeper spaces of my recovery, all while keeping my feeling of comfort and security intact. Rita is kind, giving of herself, and gentle when handling a person’s pain and trauma. It is cliché to say my experience with her work is “life changing”, however there isn’t another way to describe it that does it justice. I view my recovery as ongoing, but just after my first session I found myself unable to stay in bed, to wallow in my pain, and to stop the forward momentum that I had attained. After 10+ years of suffering with PTSD and GAD, I have found a way to live that is both filled with meaning and fulfilling on the deepest levels.”

-Meghan C.

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