“…massive compassion encompassing the mind, body and spirit.”

Rita Bozi is in authentic service to those who wish not only have a deeper understanding of their drivers, but also to design a new map. My time spent with her has profoundly shifted the way I navigate both my inner and outer world. Rita has an exceptional ability to create and hold a sacred space to explore the most vulnerable aspects of one’s self while fully supporting the discovery, understanding and integration with unwavering presence. Her skillful embodiment of that which she is gently and very intently encouraging you to bring forward has been a key component in my work with her. She immerses herself in your healing journey with massive compassion encompassing the mind, body and spirit all while honouring choice. This woman is a precious gift to the planet, the experiences she facilitates expand far beyond the walls they take place in. If you are being called to explore a new way of being that is more in alignment with your highest good, I encourage you to be held, nurtured and guided by her light. 

-Mel Parsons