Tim Molloy (Chief Information Officer + Ceremonial Kindness Attendant) 

A techie by trade, Tim has a passion for medicine and the healing path. Born in NWT, Tim grew up in BC and was drawn to his own healing journey after his struggles with addiction. His first experiences were with Ayahuasca under the guidance of Dr. Gabor Maté on one of the famous retreats, similar to those featured on the CBC documentary The Jungle Cure. There, Tim learned that it is possible to heal and medicine can be the door that allows you to see the truth(s) about yourself.

Tim continued his medicine exploration in Alberta where he help to organize local retreats. The somatic work with Rita has confirmed that if one can slow down and pay attention, then we discover that the body has the wisdom to heal. Tim is proud that his rich lived experience allows for him to relate to those from all walks of life, working through all manner of struggles. Tim’s most dangerous addiction now is sky-diving and his son Declan.

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