“an exceptional healer…”

“Rita Bozi is an exceptional healer and inspiring human being. In the process of uncovering generations of ancestral trauma in our sessions together, she displays a fine balance of fierce determination and sacred tenderness that has profoundly altered the way I think and behave over the last year. Rita carries a massive tool kit and responds with what she intuits would be most profoundly beneficial moment to moment. Her deeply compassionate response makes every session transformational. Rita’s level of understanding of mind, body, spirit and ultimately choice, has given me the opportunity to defrag and rewire my nervous system time and time again. When you walk into her home clinic you will be moved by her incredibly personal and intentional environment – every book, piece of art, crystal and sculpture… every beautiful thing you see… the lighting, the colours, the temperature, the scent in the air… all there to support you to come out of suffering. She lives in service of her highest good that will benefit all beings. [She is] a woman of great courage. Rita is an activist of the highest order, a spiritual anthropologist.  If you are brave and willing, she will guide you on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, metamorphosis, liberation, and ultimately, love.”

–Shannon McEwan