3 in 1 Concepts

What is Three in One?

A fusion of Applied Kinesiology, Behavioural Genetics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Western Physiology, and Eastern Energy Medicine, Three in One defuses stress and self doubt and gives you the tools to shift your perception in any area of your life be it personal or professional, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.

A Three in One session re-educates the nervous system to make conscious choice possible again, leading an individual to create the life they want to have and to be the individual they want to be, as opposed to repeating the choices that stem from our reactions to unpleasant past experiences that have locked us unto self-limiting belief systems, judgment and denial.

“A Three in One consultation helps us focus on identifying the causes of beliefs and habits that no longer serve us, but still run our lives, so that we can gently and easily change them.  More and more our life will be ordered by beliefs and attitudes that are life-giving. We feel more free to chose what we truly value.”

This gentle, precise, accurate and effective method allows us to defuse the stressors and beliefs that are inhibiting and limiting our relationships, our choices, our performance, our learning, our health and our potential.

Negative emotional stress or stress overwhelm obstructs us from thinking clearly, making effective decisions, and creates self-doubt.  We are unable in this state to perceive the new options that would enable us to make the best choices for ourselves.  Furthermore, stress overwhelm is harmful to our health, affects our ability to learn, remember, as well as communicate.

Three In One defuses the STRESS of the PAST, to FREE the PRESENT, and create NEW CHOICES for the FUTURE.