Things to Consider

The problem is never the problem. It is how we FEEL about the problem.

How free from the PAST is your PRESENT?

NO CHOICE is relying on others to give you what you think you need.
Only the person with the NEED can fulfil that NEED.

Depressed is when NOTHING MATTERS.

Consider why you have a condition and why you need to keep it.

Your life is displaying on your body – if you don’t change your life your body will maintain that same display. Our bodies reflect our behaviour and our emotional well- being. What is occurring on the inside is occurring on the outside. Our bodies are a reflection of how we think and feel.

Our posture greatly affects the function of our vital organ systems. From the respiratory to the digestive, to the reproductive and nervous systems, our internal organs suffer from poor postural alignment. While our posture affect the structure of ours organs, so too it affects the functioning.