What is in the body, is reflected in the mind. What is in the mind, is reflected in the body. When we refer to the bodymind we are acknowledging the inseparable relationship between the body and the mind – the influence, the affect one has over the other and the beautiful interconnectedness of the two. The two interface and are in constant communication on many different levels. The health of one depends on the health of the other.

In Japan, the mind resides in the heart and is known as the Shen. When the heart decides, the mind will follow.

By using the term bodymind we are recognizing the wholeness of our beings.


“We forget that we are history. We have kept the left hand from knowing the right…We are not used to associating our private lives with public events. Yet the histories of families cannot be separate from the histories of nations. To divide them is part of our denial.”

— Susan Griffin, A Chorus of Stones

A Holistic and Integrated Approach

With a little fine-tuning, we can all become our own best authorities.

When it comes to our bodies and minds, what if we could tune into our own innate intelligence and trust our decisions, better understand our symptoms and signals and choose new inner and outer responses to life’s many changes?

With ongoing stress, accumulated life experiences, learned behaviours, rigid belief systems and external factors, the bodymind* can begin to forget how to do it’s job in an optimal way, even though at all times, it really is trying to do its best.

Many of us to fall out of balance in an attempt to keep control. However, the bodymind is nature and nature supports us.

What we see as illness, can be the bodymind’s way of alerting the conscious mind that somehow how our perspective needs to shift, that habits need to change and that self care may be more critical to our daily lives. The body may be supporting us to heal profound wounds and push us towards a resolution of an issue that may be hidden deep within the subconscious.

When our issues can come to the conscious level, our outlook can shift, our health and energy improves, and we can function closer to our full potential again.

It is here that we can call upon our ‘animating life force’ or ‘greater knowing’ to direct us back to the path of clarity and awareness. It is a return to the source, which is our own innate wisdom, the place within, where we can reignite our intelligence, harness our power and confirm that our bodymind knows what to do to – because it does: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, on all levels.

In this holistic approach, we call on all body levels to address our unconscious core beliefs, to defuse our emotional charges, to integrate our past experiences in order to return again to our true essential self.