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I decided to name my private practice Brilliant Healing Systems, as a way of honouring the brilliance and inborn wisdom of each and every one of us. Further, it is in respect of the many healing practices I am fortunate enough to work with and incorporate as a part of my life.

The more I searched for purpose the more I was losing touch with myself. How was this happening? What I learned was how to build an identity out of coFrom an early age I was intuitively aware that when I fell ill, I had something to learn about myself. When I was in emotional or physical pain, there was a deeper message for me to attend to. My instincts kept telling me to observe my thoughts, feelings and sensations; how they affected my body, my mind and my life. And yet as I reached adolescence and adulthood, the more I searched for purpose the more I was losing touch with myself. How was this happening? What I learned was how to build an identity out of compensations. I was reacting to life and I couldn’t stop it. I was pretending to be happy when in fact I was not. My stories were taking over and I was less and less the person I wanted to be. And the unprocessed trauma in my body was shutting me down. 

With the guidance of Michael Barden, the late Carol-Anne Bickerstaff and Dr. Gabor Maté, I began the work of becoming more human, more responsive and more compassionate. More recently I have been touched by the healing guidance of Sharon Stanley and Bette Carson. I am grateful t

o all my mentors and teachers, to the practitioners, clients, writers, artists, philosophers and professionals in the healing arts, my family and friends, to all who have shown me what I don’t know, to who all who have nurtured and continue to support my personal, and professional growth. I was lucky to be lead to some generous mentors that showed me how my current stressors were the effects of family trauma, early childhood experiences, unconscious expectations and learned behaviour. I needed a restart, a re-education and new possibilities to remember who, in essence, I already was. I needed a new way of communicating with life. In time, I returned to the land of my ancestors to touch the wound of historical trauma and there I found a depth of cultural richness that I now hold dear to my heart.

Thanks to all of them, I learned how the developing brain responds in utero and to the environment in early childhood. I was shown that transforming my relationship to family shifted all relationships in life. Through deep, dedicated and consistent work, I experienced that the gentler I could be with myself, the better I functioned mentally, emotionally and physically. My choices changed and I began to transform myself and my life.

I am delighted to facilitate and guide the possibility of transformation for you. Please read on…

“Our Goal in every session is to have people walk back out into the world with a renewed sense of their own power and potential for creating a self of which they are truly proud.”

— Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside, founders of Three In One Concepts